Jason Kilar, the CEO of Warner Media, is not fucking around. Hot on the heels of his bold move to not only push Wonder Woman 1984 directly to HBO Max in time for Christmas, he pulls the truly brazen one in announced that the entire Warner theatrical slate set for 2021 will be shipped direct to consumers the same way.

That includes the new Suicide Squad, the new Godzilla/King Kong, Dune! And yes, the new Matrix. Fittingly, a truly “Whoa” moment.

But it’s actually even crazier than that, because unlike the strategy Disney tried where they upsold Mulan to Disney+ subscribers, all of these movies from WW1984 onward will be available to all HBO Max subscribers at no additional cost. Given the budgets of some of the movies, that’s a truly “holy shit” moment. Essentially, Kilar is saying the long-term value of HBO Max subscribers is worth more than the box office revenue of not just one of these movies but all of these movies. And if successful, he’s not wrong! But it’s an insanely risky bet to make right now. It totally upends the business.

And is absolutely makes HBO Max a must-subscribe, right now.

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