One thing that has struck me about living abroad in Europe is the ubiquity of the iPad. A lot of what has been said about Apple in recent months suggests that the device is destined to be a fad. But it almost seems like the opposite is true: it’s maybe the most mainstream Apple product.

At cafes all over Europe, you don’t see a lot of MacBooks or even PCs, you see a lot of iPads. And a lot of these people seem to have Android phones. I’m at a cafe right now where I’m the only one using a laptop, three other people are using iPads. This is usually even more pronounced on flights these days. And there seems to be no set demographic boundaries.

It just feels like the obvious answer is the correct one: the iPad got to an incredible scale faster than anyone could have imagined, but it’s not a product you upgrade every year like your phone.

Yet in five years, cafes everywhere will probably be filled with them. Much like the term “computer” has transferred from mainframe to desktop to laptop, I think it will take the place of “tablet” soon.

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Writer turned investor turned investor who writes. General Partner at GV. Writer at 500ish. I write to think. 🍻

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